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Evil Weevils do everything but ride motor bikes.


There are more Weevil species than you can shake a stick at! Some you would want to shake your stick as they are ugly looking critters.
Weevils are part of the beetle superfamily Curculionoide but there are many related family members and thousands of species.

Families of Weevil

  • Anthribidae — fungus weevils can help make compost
  • Attelabidae — leaf rolling weevils include Rhynchites
  • Belidae — primitive weevils feed on dying plants or flowers
  • Brentidae — straight snout weevils
  • Bruchinae – bean weevils or seed beetles are a subfamily
  • Carids
  • Curculionidae — true weevils including the Boll Weevil
  • Nemonychidae — pine flower weevils

Problem Weevils

  • Grain and Rice weevils breed quickly and eat copious amounts of grain when infestations occur.
  • Vine weevils nibble leaves but the grubs do serious damage. Their favourite food is the roots of fuchsias, cyclamen, begonias and any plants growing in containers.
  • Rose Weevils use their long snouts to drill holes into rose buds.
  • Pea weevils have long snouts
  • Apple blossom weevil can be quite destructive

weevil beetle

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