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Mind Your Own Business Plants

Do not get nettled if you are given a mind your own business plant even though it is in the same family.

Mind Your Own Business is not an instruction but a mat-forming plant also know as Baby’s Tears. It is a creeping perennial that bears minute flowers and forms a mat or small hummock of green foliage that creeps along the soil on thin stems and hangs down over the side of a plant pot. Indoors ‘Mind Your Own Business’ grows best in a cool room and will grow well with high humidity although that is not essential. Never let it dry out and the brighter the position the more water it will need.

There are 3 cultivars of Mind Your Own Business, Soleirolia soleoirolii the species which has green foliage, Variegata Silver Queen with grey-green foliage and Aurea Golden Queen.
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