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Tips for Growing Meconopsis the Blue Poppy

Mecanopsis Crewdson hybrid

The blue poppy is one of the truly stunning blue flowers to grace any garden. I predict a growth in interest in Meconopsis over the next few years as nurserymen increase saleable stock following some intensive nation wide trials.

Cultivation and Propagation of Meconopsis

  • The family contains perennials and monocarpic plants that die after flowering.
  • Soil should be neutral to acidic with plenty of humus.
  • I find they need plenty of moisture and are often grown alongside streams.
  • Meconopsis, are hardy but often short lived, preferring shade and a cool position to full sun.
  • Grow from fresh seed. Clump forming Meconopsis sheldonii should be divided every 3 years


Species and Varieties

  • Meconopsis grandis can grow 3-5′ tall with stout stems bearing nodding cup-shaped blue flowers.
  • Mecanopsis cambrica, quintuplinervia and cultivars can be propagated by division. Continue Reading →

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