First Lessons on Spirea Shrubs


I have two very good Spirea varieties where I have long since lost the names. This example is a strong flowering mauve and white flowering plain leaved type. The other is a pale yellow leaved variety that has great colour in spring as the leaves start.

How hard was it going to be to identify the plants surely it can’t be too hard. I went to my copy of Hilliers Manual of Trees and Shrubs only to find over 80 species, varieties and cultivars described.

Well the next lesson is that I haven’t even considered my Spirea’s habits and Hillier identified those that flower on this years wood and those that flower on previous years wood – how have they thrived on my random pruning regime?

My first shrub is 6 -8 feet wide and currently covered in blossom on the ends of this years growth. I am going to give it a hard prune almost to the ground in March working on the thesis that it is a bumalda- japonica- douglasii .

AGM Spirea varieties

  • Spiraea ‘Arguta’   ‘Bridal Wreath’
  • Spiraea japonica ‘Golden flame’  ‘Gold Mound’ ‘ Anthony Waterer’
  • Spiraea nipponica ‘Snowmound’
  • Spiraea vanhutii
  • Spiraea x cinerea ‘Grefsheim’

    Having seen this list I believe that I have a specimen of Golden Flame a variety not included in Hilliers 80+

    Previously I have had success collecting seeds from both shrubs and sowing large numbers to get a few plants to give away. This year I am pruning the light coloured shrub a bit earlier and will sacrifice the extra plants.

    The graceful habit and pleasing foliage of Spirea makes them a useful shrub to grow. I have had no problems with my plants and they have been long lived and very colourful. With such a list to for I will look for some new varity to try and will keep a record this time

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