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Smaller Sunflowers for Smaller Gardens

You do not have to grow giant sunflowers to get a nice floral display. These smaller lemon coloured sunflowers with dark centres are called ‘Valentine’ and grow to about 4 feet tall and you can get a good look at the flowers without craning your neck to see. The blooms are still 6″ across and […]


Know Your Onions

The necks of my Onions have just ‘gone over’ a bit earlier than usual but that could be down to the heavy rain we have had during July. Harvesting is a simple affair as I have pulled the Onions away from the soil to break the roots and left them in the sunshine to dry […]


Hebe Shrub from Cuttings

This purple Hebe is flowering about 2’6″ high in a compact format. I would like to make a low hedge of Hebe (Veronica)  to breakup the outline of a large border and this variety amongst many others suits me well. Hebe Cuttings Now is a good time to take a series of cuttings to root […]


Annual Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum is one of the best smelling annuals you can grow. The flowers have a marvelous honey scent all summer and these  Alyssum ‘Royal Carpet’  are a different purple to the shades you normally see. Carpet of Snow is the best selling seed variety that flowers traditional white. The seedlings clump up into a […]


Fruit from Cherry Trees

Sweet Cherry are not often grown in UK fruit gardens. To get a good crop of cherries you need several varieties for pollination, it takes 10 years to get a good crop (then birds eat them) and the trees take up a great deal of space.  I will get lots of comments to the contrary […]


Build Your Regal Geranium Collection

If you want to be a collector and build a Geranium or Regal Pelargonium collection to be proud off then start now for next year. First Thoughts Join the new Pelargonium and Geranium Society formed by the merging of the British Pelargonium and Geranium Society and the British and European Geranium Society on 1st January […]


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