Grow Salad Potatoes in Containers

Aim for a waxy texture with your salad potatoes and you will probably get some of the best flavoured spuds you have had in a Salad. Waxy potatoes remain intact after cooking and do not go into the water. Waxy potatoes tend to be Early to crop 75 -95 days. Waxy potatoes lend themselves to growing in large pots, barrels or containers.

Early Salad Varieties of Potato

Charlotte is resistant to blight and has a good cooked waxy texture.
Roseval is an attractive, high yielding pink skinned potato will make attractive salads.
Anya has a distinct nutty taste and waxy texture. Very long oval tubers with brown skins and cream flesh but susceptible to greening.
Maris Peer looks creamy yellow with regular shaped tubers.
Nicola will produce a high number of uniform tubers per plant.
Jersey Royals are a well known ‘new potato’ with good flavour but hard to grow well.
Belle De Fontenay is a variety I am trying for the first time this year .
Maincrop varieties include the knobbly Pink Fir Apple, Ratte an heirloom variety and Aura.

Roseval variety pictures from British Potato Database

Gardeners Tips on Salad Potatoes

  • Grow your spuds in half a grow bag stood on its end and you will get clean tubers.
  • Containers can be stood on paths or decking to increase your cultivated area.
  • Provide good drainage and top up the compost when leaves show to avoid green on the tubers.
  • Do not put too many tubers in each pot or container.
  • Save some tubers to plant later in the year – I have had new spuds on Christmas day.
  • Make a list of possible varieties and go to a good seed merchant who sells loose potatoes. Do not worry if some of the varieties you list are not available, try a lucky dip.

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