Osmanthus Shrubs and Uses

Osmanthus is an attractive genus of evergreen shrubs. The leaves are holly like with a leathery texture and spikes. The young leaves are green, red, cream or purple and below is a variegated example.
This variety O. hetrophylus is slow growing but can make a dense hedge or small tree. The flowers are sweetly scented in autumn.

Other Osmanthus and Uses

  • Osmanthus delavayi grows upto 6 foot tall and wide with fragrant white april flowers. It can be grown as a small tree.
  • Osmanthus yunnanensis ‘New Zealand Holly’ a fast growing large shrub with olive green leaves with flowers that can be a bit of a let down.
  • Osmanthus americanus ‘Devil Wood’ is a bit tender in the UK.
  • Osmanthus x burkwoodii which has small leathery leaves and fragrant white flowers in late spring. It can make a good hedge.
  • Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Variegatus’ can be used as ground cover.
  • Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Goshiki’ is an evergreen compact, fairly slow-growing shrub with dark-green, holly-like leaves.

Gardeners Top Tip
Osmanthus are cheap to buy when small, easy to grow and care for and are strongly recommended for a mixed border or ornamental woodland.

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