Growing Iris Aucheri and Junos

Iris aucheri

Iris aucheri is almost icy blue in its typical form, but can be white to blue with a yellow ridge on the falls. There is a deep indigo form as well. The flowers have a violet-like scent.
This plant is growing in an Alpine house but it is easy, hardy, and vigorous, preferring sun and well drained soil. Water may collect in the leaves causing rot.
It is one of the ‘Junos’ which make up the largest group of bulbous irises with something around 60 species.
The overall form of most Junos is very distinct with fleshy corn like stems.
These varieties are dormant in summer.
‘Long tom pots’ are best to accommodate the deep fleshy roots.
All Juno Iris are best grown from seed.

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Other Juno Species

Iris bucharica is the easiest and most widely grown of the Juno iris. It blooms and multiplies very well for me. It has relatively small roots
Iris magnifica – This iris has a small bulb on top of large dahlia-like roots
Iris vicaria is a more colourful magnifica with violet flowers.
Iris nicolai will not take overhead watering so they have to be grown in a pot within a larger pot, watering the outside pot only.
Iris cycloglossa is a tall and slender hardy blue with upright standards.
Iris nicolai is a stunning dwarf species that need to be grown in a frame.
Finally two Iris Aucheri hybrids Sindpur with Iris Galatica and Warlsind with Iris Warleyensis


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