Flowering Ground Cover


Ground cover plants ‘beat weeds’ and many of the plants recommended below will flower year after year. Plant healthy young plants from pots or modules about 12 inches apart and the fast growing ground cover will produce a dense carpet of colour for many years.

Ground Cover Selection


      grows strongly in my garden with bright orange flowers. Reds and whites are available.

Pachysandra terminalis

      is grown for the foliage but it has flowers that are small and white


      carpatica is a low growing plant with bell shaped flowers in blue. Try the Alba variety for white flowers.


      Kamschaticum is dense low growing and flowers orange or yellow. Sedum spureum has larger flowers in burgundy red.


      is an old favourite that I have found takes time to get established but the scent and pink flowers may be worth waiting for.


    deltoides make pink cushions of flower and do well in chalky soil as does Gypsophylla prostrata.

Ground cover March Heather
Cottage Garden Selection

London Pride

      is a staple ground covering plant in many old cottage gardens and can be used to soften edges of paths.


      and Phlox subulata may also feature in the Cottage garden effect.


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  1. Diana Wilson (DD) February 17, 2011 at 16.03 #

    I am looking for the plant called London Pride. Do you carry it? If so, how much is it and when can it be shipped to Montana? How big is the plant.
    Thank you very much,
    Diana Wilson

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