About Gardeners Tips

About Gardeners Tips

Information and  Wisdom for Gardeners.

After 10 years of ‘Gardeners Tips’ I now plan a change in emphasis to better reflect the personal experience gained over the last 50 years.

There already exists over 2000 posts & pages of tips and hints on plants and gardening ( you can use the google custom  search box top right). All the information is based on the author’s experience, teaching gardening and particularly growing the plants in an urban gardens latterly in the North of England. Additional material includes photographs and posts from the author’s son based in Oxford where he spent sometime working in college gardens. My library of 500+ gardening  and horticulture books supports some of the comments, methods and tips recommended.

Errors and omissions are the fault of the author, or the weather, or the soil, or the lack of a better excuse.

Tips to Get more from this Site

  • Wherever you are on the site if you want to return to the main page click on the Gardeners’ Tips Logo at the top of the page.
  • Some selected posts – Best of gardeners Tips
  • The parent site Gardenerstips.co.uk has the same content as you get from the /blog
  • Categories have been chosen to help the visitor navigate to a subject of interest.
  • Tips and hints are normally bullet pointed.
  • The search box looks at all the pages on the site and gives you a list of appropriate links. Click on your chosen extract for more information and the full page.
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An Eclectic Collection of Gardening Gems.

One persons ‘Gem’ is another persons ‘Weed’. You decide but your feedback and comments will help polish future gems.

Are the categories too many or too few? Do you want longer or shorter posts? Are pictures a distraction? What is missing or do you want more of?

Light Hearted Jokes and Quips on a Gardening Theme.

  • You need to pick your weed up or someone might trip on it.
  • Gardeners use lawn mowers because cows won’t fit in the garden shed and they are noisy ‘cos they have horns.
  • What was green and a great wild west trick shooter?   – Annie Okra
  • Genetically modified vegetable to brush your teeth – Bristle Sprouts
  • Beware! Snap-Dragons

Gardeners Tips

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