Snapdragons aka Antirrhinum


Snapdragons or better known as Antirrhinum are an easy flower to grow and they provide lots of colour with a distinctive scent. Good F1 plants can grow more than 2′ tall and if pinched out they bush out quite well.
Available in a wide range of colours I try and grow the same colours together to enhance the effect.

Where to Grow Snapdragons

These plants are good border flowers and can be planted in blocks, lines or singly.
Snapdragons do not need special soil conditions but flower best in sunshine.
Smaller varieties can be grown in containers.

How to Grow Snapdragons

I plant plug plants from the end of April to get quick flowers.
For raising Antirrhinums from seed read these tips
Pinch out the tallest growing shoot when it is about 3″ tall to encourage branching and thus more flowers.
Feed with a tomato fertilizer if you want extra blooms.
Water early in the day, plants should not be left wet overnight – distorted growth can result.

Snapdragons as Cut Flowers

Snapdragons make a colourful vase of flowers.
The scent of snapdragons is distinctive and pleasant particularly the vivid reds.
Harvest when one third to half the florets are open.
Single colour varieties  look best.

Buying Tips

Avoid buying from a florist if the stems are pale and yellowing.
F1 varieties should be robust and uniform.
Thompson Morgan supply various varieties including a bronzed leaf variety
Buy and grow from seeds for next year.

Varieties to Grow

• Antirrhinum Antirhodora Mixed – plants
• Antirrhinum Bronze Dragon – plants and seeds
• Antirrhinum Eternal – plants
• Antirrhinum Madame Butterfly F1 – plants
• Antirrhinum majus Brazilian Carnival – seeds category
• Antirrhinum majus Royal Bride – seeds category
• Antirrhinum nanum Black Prince – seeds category
• Antirrhinum nanum Double Sweetheart Mixed F1 – seeds category

Other suppliers of Seed
Chiltern Seeds
Sarah Ravens Garden
Nickys Garden

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