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Growing Triteleia Bulbs

Growing Triteleia can be easy and rewarding in pots or alpine gardens. The purple or yellow flowering heads are long lasting and are used in the USA as cut flowers.


Dry Stone Wall Planting

Crevice gardens are all the rage at the moment. The careful alignment of rocks can create some interesting locations for alpine and rockery plants. They are also very good for helping wild life to thrive. See pictures of the Alpine Garden society rock supplier. Other crevices can arise naturally or be created in the environment. […]


Strongylodon macrobotrys.

Strongylodon macrobotrys in flower.                 Also known in its native Philippines as the jade vine. Shown here in an orchid house where it was 15 feet high and wider. Not one to try at home without the space and climate control. They appreciate a high humidity. This spectacular […]


Help Growing Nemesia from Seeds or Plugs

Nemesia are good flowers for rock gardens, containers or for use as a bedding and front of border plants. Surprisingly they also make a nice and useful cut flower. Culture and growing from seed is easy and rewarding. Blue Nemesia are the current vogue but bright coloured mixtures are readily available.


Tips for Composting Leaves

Leaf mold from rotted leaves improves the condition of your soil in an environmentally friendly manner. Even just digging in the leaves will improve soil texture. Do not expect leaves to improve fertility they are low on nutrients.


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