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New Design Ideas to Green Grey Britain

Where to Get New Garden Ideas Your own imagination is the prime source of ideas for your own personal garden.  If you can’t get to Chelsea there are other horticultural and flower shows and many  open gardens. Magazines, newspapers and books can spark off a new thought or provide a combination of ideas. Just walking […]


What is the RHS Good For?

Diarmuid Gavin Garden Recreated I declare an interest as I have a love hate relationship with the Royal Horticultural Society. As a national institution and registered charity I would prefer if it were more inclusive and less overtly commercial. Since rejoining after a few years break I expected to start this note on the negatives […]


Compost Corner Experiences

This is a view of a corner in my Yorkshire garden that shows some recycling activity. I have tried various compost bin methods over the years. Initially I started with an open pile which was untidy and slow. At about this time I acquired a shredder which chopped up brown twiggy waste but only  squelched […]


Carnation Street

  Green fingers held this wet carnation still for a photograph of the captivating colour scheme. I have loved carnations for over 60 years but never really got on top of growing or breeding for showing. Carnations through the Ages Dianthus caryophyllus have been around for over 2000 years well known to the ancient Greeks. […]


Selecting a New Apple Tree

There are over 7000 different varieties of apple tree including those classed as eaters, cookers, crab or cider apples. 10% of these are available from RHS plant finder recommended nurseries. Horticultural Considerations Your apple tree should last a long time and be fruitful and satisfying. It is worth taking care to get the selection right. […]


Tree Stump Removal

Are you stumped about how best to remove the stump and roots of  a tree after you have taken down the trunk and branches? This is the stump of an over grown Eucalyptus that was removed in spring. The slit was intended to hold weed killer but as the side shoots show it hasn’t worked. […]


Yew Tree – Taxus baccata

Yew are used in many contexts and can feature in natural or formal situations. In the 18th century species of Taxus were brought to the UK from America and Asia to add to our native Taxus baccata. There are now many cultivars of upright, pendulous and ground cover forms of Yew. Garden Uses of Yew […]


Is Green a Colour?

The answer to the question is ‘of course green is a colour.’ Green is a mixture, a hybrid in gardening terms, as it is made from yellow and blue combined in varying quantities. But the emphasis is on the ‘made from’ of this answer.  The leaves above contain a higher proportion of blue whilst those […]


Grandchildren and Gardening

Gardeners are keen on offspring in the garden when they come from their own propagation. That may not always be the case with grandchildren except in controlled circumstance. Grandma saw a youngster eating a slug and rather than be critical asked ‘what does that taste like?’ After a pause the kid replied ‘worms’. Safety of […]


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