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Camassia Flowers and Food

Some Camassia species were an important food staple for Native Americans and settlers in parts of North American Camassia quamash or wild hyacinth will naturalise in grass and is happy in moist ground. These bulbs have a reputation of being tough and hardy and thrive in less than perfect soils. Camassia leichtlinii is a spring […]


Growing all Sorts of Stuff

Why You Might want to Grow Edible Stuff Food stuff is top of the list in Mazlow’s hierarchy of need. ‘Growing your own’ to feed the family has been a priority for centuries. Farmers, market gardeners and smallholders all contribute edible stuff as do allotment holders and the majority of gardeners. Windowsills, greenhouses, conservatories and […]


Botanical Gardens and Botanics

Definitions and Scope Botany is the science of plant life. In other descriptions it is the study of plant science or plant biology. A botanist is one who studies botany. A botanic is a drug or medicinal preparation obtained from a plant or plants.  “Botanic gardens are institutions holding documented collections of living plants for […]


Hibiscus senensis

The flamboyant Hibiscus senensis is now readily available as a housplant from garden centres. This yellow flower was growing on an Italian road side. In a conservatory this evergreen is a neat rounded shrub. Good drainage and light are required for good flowering but plants can have a very long life. If you want to […]


Mowing Techniques & Tips

When one man went to mow it was to mow a meadow. Do you want to let your lawn get into that state? If not here are some tips but probably not enough to get you a stately home lawn. Technical Approach Little and often is usually a good plan. One a week in spring, […]


Botanical Illustration and Gardener’s Art Books

For something a bit different this book on botanic art covers some of the unusual colours from black flowers, plants and seaweed like strange green, blue and puce pink. Contemporary Botanical Illustration with the Eden Project: Challenging Colour and Texture by Rosie Martin and Meriel Thurstan For more see below Alternatively look at the illustrations […]


Marianne North Botanical Traveller

Botanical Traveller ‘Marianne North, an unmarried middle-aged Victorian lady of comfortable means, set off in 1871 on her first expedition to make a pictorial record of the tropical and exotic plants of the world. Marianne produced more than 860 paintings which are housed in a special gallery at Kew. Biographical Notes Marianne North was born […]


Auricula Knowhow & Books

It has been a good spring for auriculas in my garden and cold greenhouse. Now the plants need time to rejuvenate after flowering so I will have time to read the National Auricula and Primula and Society’s excellent new members handbook and some of the following epistles.         The powder blue auricula […]


Quick Guide to Chelsea Designers & Gardens

‘Take Chelsea Home’ by Chris Young shows the “Best Garden Design from the Chelsea Flower Show”. Below is a brief preview of the 2010 gardens and designers. Tom Stuart-Smith; The Laurent-Perrier a champagne of gardens featuring a woodland of birches. Roger Platts; The M&G garden roses for the main sponsor. Sue Hayward; The Stephen Hawkins […]


Bonanza of Nasturtium Flowers

When it gets backendish as October begins to give way to colder nights, have a look around your garden. The Nasturtiums are still flowering strongly as they clamber up this wall but one good frost will see them turn soggy and die. As Nasturtiums are good at self-seeding I will doubtless get many new plants […]


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