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Growing Cactus Dahlia from your Own Seed

Tips on Saving Seed Choose your parent plant and label the stem with variety and type. Take off the last of the petals or wait for them to fall. Leave the seed head on until it is dry and ready to take off the plant.This can be helped by squeezing excess moisture from the head. […]


Plan Autumn Flower Colours

Decorative Dahlias provide colour through to the first frost. This dahlia was snapped in the rain at Harrogate Valley Gardens which has a great show of Dahlias in their own raised bed. That may account for the six foot specimens that were on display. I was taken with the two tone effect of this flower. […]


Compost Tea – Tea’s Up

Compost Tea If you click on the above link Doug will show you on a video how he makes a liquid compost. I use Comfrey leaves in my water barrel when I want an element of organic fertilizer from the compost. To fertilise blogs we rely on links to other sites. Below are some other […]


Garden Compost and Bokashi

Bokashi, Japanese composting, is really a fermenting system. It converts your household food waste into a liquid and food remnants that are ripe for final composting. Ripe isn’t a fair word as it smells only of sweet pickle. An additive of a lactic acid based micro organisms in a bran carrier is mixed with the […]


Growing Osteospermum – A Great Summer Performer

My Osteospermum was donated by cutting from a neighbour about 10 years ago. The large daisy shaped flowers appear all summer long in a light purple shade. It would be hard to count the number of flowers each year and I am guilty of not feeding the plant. The plant seems hardy and is evergreen […]


Growing Rudbeckia Autumn

These Rudbeckia are grown as annuals or biennials but great perennial varieties exist. Some grow as low as 12 inches whilst Rudbeckia triloba Brown Eyed Susan is 5 foot tall and Rudbeckia maxima can be up to 10 feet tall. Rudbeckia are easy to raise from seed. Resulting plants are well behaved, easy to care […]


Plum Picks are Victoria and Czar

My Victoria plums have just been picked and the majority converted into jam. The wasps had not got at the sweetest fruit so I had a treat for dessert. The tree is now 10 foot tall and I will prune it back next May or June when the danger of fungal infection is reduced. Last […]


Companion Plants for Clematis

Some plants work well together for shape, texture or location and with others it is the colour combination that stands out. This Pholx and Clematis both look exceptional in the late afternoon light. The Phlox adds scent and this vibrant coloured clematis has been in flower since late July. Focus on Clematis partnerships Climbing Roses […]


The Empty Vegetable Plot

Autumn is a good time to plant a green manure crop in your empty vegetable plot. Green manures are sown deliberately to be dug back into the soil before they flower. This helps improve fertility, suppress weeds, stop leaching and soil errosion and helps condition the soil. Empty Plot Tips Clear up debris and weeds […]


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