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Tzigane Best HT Rose

I have always assumed this Rose that I bought as Tzigane (Tsigane) was in fact that variety. When I recently compared it to pictures by other gardeners I found 4 totally different offerings under that name. I am happy with my rose, that it is a regular flowering rose of fair scent and pleasant disposition […]


Best Flowering Shrubs

Broom or Cytisus scoparius is an old favourite shrub for the pea shaped flowers in June. The traditional yellow is now supplemented by many cultivars in red and bi colours. They are short lived shrubs and need to be pruned to stop energy going into seed production. They flower on wood produced in the previous […]


Bedding Tips

Bedding describes  plants  that are used en masse for a showy display of a temporary nature. They are often annuals but can also be bulbs like Begonia or biennials like wall flowers. Tips on Bedding Plants Plants need space to develop and you need to remember this when planting out – you do not want […]


Dwarf Pelargonium aka Geranium

This dwarf Pelargonium (called Geranium) is shorter than a paperback (I mean not as tall) and the leaves are correspondingly small. A perfect little miniature plant with all the habits and leaf colouring of a zonal Pelargonium. Dwarf Pelargonium Tips and Hints I guess you could grow them outside in summer in the rockery after […]


Save Water Garden with a Friend

Older gardeners may remember the water company slogan ‘Save Water bath with a friend’ used during the great water shortages of 1976. Are we in for another summer like 1976? Some thinks so others are still suffering floods and unseasonal cold still as Baden Powell said be prepared. I am suggesting help from friendly gadgets […]


Killing Greenfly

This daisy is covered with blackfly a close relation of the greenfly. Greenfly can do damage to a plant by weakening it and helping to spread disease. The importance of getting rid of greenfly depends upon the plant. For example, a daisy like this doesn’t seem to be that affected by infestations and it is […]


Pink Roses in the Rain

These beautiful roses were taken after a spell of heavy rain. Rain is often the bane of a gardener, but, it can also help to give a real fresh look to the plants and flowers. Related Tips on Growing Roses Roses with Single Blooms


Honeysuckle Climbing Lonicera Varieties

Woodbine is the common name for this Honeysuckle that provides a strong sweet scent in the cottage garden from the end of May. The climbing twining Honeysuckles are part of a large family of Lonicera that also includes a range of shrubby plants. For sweetly flowering honeysuckle in winter try Lonicera fragrantissima or Lonicera Standishii […]


Legumes and Pea Flowers

I am kicking myself for not noting the name of this alpine flower captured on my camera during a recent garden visit. The familiar pea shape and colour are reminisent of Cytisus or Broom but with 727 genera of Legumes I can’t be sure. Gentle Reminders Inspect plants close up to discover the natural beauty […]


Growing Heliotrope Plants

Heliotrope usually has dark green crinkled leaves and deep purple flowers. The flowers are among the most fragrant in the garden. I grow it as an annual from bought plants (a bit extravagant). Heliotrope were prized by our grandmothers in traditional cottage-gardens. There are several varieties with flowers in white and pale lavender. But I […]


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