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Spring Flowers Magdalen College

These photos are from Magdalen College Oxford University. “At twilight, nature is not without loveliness, though perhaps its chief use is to illustrate quotations from the poets.” – Oscar Wilde (a famous alumni of Magdalen) (more…)


Looking After Garden Tools Old & New

Clean your Garden Tools Clean all of the dirt and soil from your spades, forks, trowels etc. after each use. Allow your tools to dry completely before storing to prevent rusting, mould and handle rot. Before storing, wipe the metal parts of pruners, shears, and loppers with an oily rag. A shot of products such […]


Paw Paw Fruit Trees

    I never thought about growing exotic fruit like the Paw Paw That was until I saw a tree for sale in Thompson Morgan’s catalogue. The sun accentuates the intricate pattern in this paw paw leaf. Asimina triloba Papaw or North American Paw Paw This hardy pawpaw produces solitary, cup-shaped flowers and large, exotic […]


Flower Parts and Functions

1 Petals The most attractive part of most flowers. Colour often attracts insects to aid pollination. A whorl of petals is called a Corolla 2 Sepal In buds the sepals enclose and protect other parts of the flower. As the flower opens the green sepals curl away or fall. Several sepals together form the Calyx […]


Shrubs to Screen Walls

You can just make out the wall behind this flowering Kerria Japonica. There are other plants to screen walls but the soil is likely to be dry and impoverished so chose with care. Kerria Japonica Planted towards the back of the border this shrubs habit can be scruffy looking and the serrated foliage is rather […]


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