Pollination Makes The World Go Around

Reflective Pollination

Without pollination there would be no new seed, no new crops for animals and no food in our supermarkets. (No supermarkets may be good news for several reasons but I will put up with them to keep being fed).

Wind pollination may work for some plants particularly those with catkins that shed pollen in copious quantities. The main pollinators in a garden are insects and they deserve our respect. There have been scare stories about the declining population of Bees so I was pleased to capture (in photos ) these bees hard at work on my Crocus crop last week.

Pollination crocus

Tips to Aid Pollination

  • Avoid using pesticides.
  • Grow plants that attract and feed butterflies, birds and insects.
  • Make insects safe and at home in your garden.
  • Do not expect F1 plants to pollinate.
  • Hand pollinate your curcurbits (courgettes, marrows and cucumbers).
  • Tap flowering greenhouse tomato plants to get the pollen into the air and thus other flowers.

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