Pot Mums for the Garden

mumsChrysanthemums come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but to me they are an Autumn flower. Why then are the retailers now full of the short densly flowering ‘Pot Mum’ that are often given as house plants.

  • I have bought a pack of 6 and cut off all the flowers ( this had the effect of pinching them out and channeling the energy into building a bushy plant)
  • Then I potted them up into there own 4inch pots
  • They got a good watering with a small dose of nitrogen based feed
  • Within a week they are putting on green growth and average 3 shoots where there was one previously
  • When the pot is full of roots I will put them into bigger pots or into planters
  • Ultimately they will be put outside or into final pots to provide a mass of blooms in late summer
  • They will then be watered with a 50% dilution of tomato feed
  • If the garden pot is large I will put 3 or even 5 plants into each pot but at the moment it looks like one plant will fill a biggish pot.

Ten Pot mum tips and pictures of Orange semi-double Pot mums can be seen here

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