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Autumn Crocus & Fast Flowering Bulbs

Fast flowering bulbs can be planted now and will rapidly create an exotic display.

  • Colchiums and Autumn Crocus flower within days or at most weeks, producing flowers before the leaves. They can even be planted when in flower or left on a sauce to flower before planting out.
  • Cyclamen also flower from the corm before the low growing leaves push through to the surface.
  • Nerine will benefit from having a longer growing period  but, like their cousin the Amaryllis,  they flower quickly.
Type of Bulb When to Plant Flowers
Colchiums Aug/Sept Sept/Oct
Nerine Aug/Sept Sept/Oct
Autumn Crocus September October
Cyclamen September October
Amaryllis September January
Aconites September January
Dwarf Iris September March
Anemone Blanda September March
Muscari September April
Daffodils September March
Narcissi September May
Camissia September June

Other September Planted Favourites that will flower in Spring.

  • Iris reticulate are easy to plant and grow. They look excellent when grouped together in a pot or border.
  • It is too soon to plant Tulips but Daffodills and Narcissi like there time in the soil before flowering between March and May.
  • Anemone blanda and the blue Muscari are small plants that produce a good show and then leave the area clear for some annuals.

Bulbs for Later Planting.

  • As mentioned the Tulips do not need to develop strong roots in autumn and to avoid rotting I plant them in October or November.
  • Plant forced Hyacinths as soon as they are available in the shops for indoor displays or containers under shelter.
  • For more exotic flowers, plant Lilies and Fritilliaries in October to over winter and flower in early summer.
  • For indoors you will find Gloxinia are quick to grow and flower

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Growing Alstroemeria – Quick Tips


Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lilies make great flowers for picking and are long lasting in a vase. When established they are easy to grow.

Get your plants from Thompson & Morgan who supply plants and seeds. The seeds need patience and some skill.

Culture of Alstroemeria

  • Plenty of organic matter and regular watering  helps Alstroemeria thrive.
  • Alstromeria like a sheltered site in sun or partial shade. They can form good solid clumps and some varieties self seed.
  • Taller 3 feet plus Alstroemeria need staking or they may be knocked down by rain or wind. Ligtu hybrids should be self supporting.
  • Apollo varieties cope well with frost and flower in three or four separate flushes.
  • Deadhead regularly by pulling out the flowering stem.
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Dogwood Colour Schemes

Cornus are great for your garden and the colourful dogwoods are easy on the eye.
Green shoots cornus dogwood

What is looking  good in your winter garden or locally at the moment? Look around now because you can start on next years garden to create a sight to behold. Locally I saw several dog woods that would make an interesting winter feature in my garden if I can find the space. I am less sure about the chicken wire on my picture above but I guess it gets covered in greenery by spring.
Dog Wood Cornus

Tips on Cornus – Dog Woods

  • Dog woods are an extensive family including trees up to 10 feet tall. Planted now they can thrive in wet or dry soil
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